Relationships : Are Some Individuals Relation To Avoid Getting Yourself ?

Relationships : Are Some Individuals Relation To Avoid Getting Yourself ?

HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP - There are various kinds of reasons why people want to be a relationship with another individual . But for most people , they will do everything they can to avoid one . This could be because by their very, very independent and do not want to rely on another individual ; experiencing problems of trust and intimacy as deep fear .
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And that another individual , needs to be in a relationship can seem the entire focus of their lives . When they are at one , they are happy and when they are not in one , they are more or less sad . It was after that incident that did not find the same individual , it concerns only the individual who will take this pain .

After that there are other individuals fairly pleased with themselves and enjoy their time spent with other individuals or the desire for others to share their life with . But if they are in a relationship or not in one , they still cherish their own time and do not depend on others to create them feel better regarding themselves.


So it is clear that the dynamics of each other and that there is , individuals who do not get the same view about what that relationship is and what is not in order . Nowadays , some individuals will be fairly clear on what other people could give them and what they can not.

And when it comes to other people , this would not be something that uses conscious thought regarding the way . A feeling or impulse increases in the body and their actions after it was taken . They then attracted to individuals who they believe will meet the needs and dreams .

There is no question of if another individual could meet this extreme or if one acting techniques of healthy and functional . This is often going to be something that takes place using an automatic way and without too few think happened .

Body and mind and heart leads are left to wonder what was going on . Mind so that individuals could even be left picking up the pieces , once cracks appear in the relationship or when it comes to an end .

compulsive behavior

However , before long , the needs of others in order to find individual could derail thoughts of trying to understand everything . The next relationship that is after it took place and the cycle can be repeated once again .

If one does not leave the relationship because something is not right , they can even stay in the relationship and put up with what is going on . It could be some kind of light to reach the extreme harassment . Or the possibility of a relationship only in unsatisfactory and is not the same as the needs and their deepest dreams and what they really, really value in life .

The Power Of Sick

So as one that is looking for a relationship or go into a relationship that is based on inner unrest , it is clear that this is not a conscious process . Feeling excruciating pain in their natural causes them to act in a manner that is able to be described as compulsive .

And the pain is something that each individual feel and this is not something shameful . What would be the difference of how to understand the pain they are feeling and what they do about it . That individuals who are sick and feeling ill just let that dictate their needs in order to be in a relationship , they let their feelings rule ill .

Relationships : Are Some Individuals Relation To Avoid Getting Yourself ?

inner experience

On the side of the sick feeling this could relate to the feeling : alone , empty , rejected , abandoned , unloved , unworthy , depression , suicide and feelings of worthlessness and others . And if there is fairly strong feelings , other individuals may be sought to stop any of their feelings .

Other individuals will be used as a technique in order to regulate how individuals feel , the feeling is not likely to be very, very lost . What are they going to do that is to be closed so that the times are short . And this feeling is so strong , it will not matter who the other individual , the crucial is that they can help the individual to escape from themselves.


What can play a significant role in how people deal with their pain is what they 've come to learn concerning the relationship and what is their purpose . This could be based on what has been learned concerning the relationship by example they get throughout their lives and other forms of education .

In this population could include : celebrities , movies , teacher and song . And on a more personal level , this could be the result of individual friends and family members . Unless the individual has consciously decided to study concerning the relationship and what their purpose is not likely that they will only know how to get a fairly healthy relationship .


Although the physical grows with the passage of time , it does not mean that the individual also grown using emotional way . Emotional growth that is something that is usually overlooked in the current population and often depends on one take personal responsibility .

So , this could mean that an individual could end up being emotionally stuck and getting emotional needs are more relevant to the individual than the individual adult toddler . And how they feel at this moment in their lives can be a result of what happened to them a few years after that .

Feelings that cause them to attract the kind of people who are not true and are in relationships that are not true reasons need to let go and not acted upon . Through an individual setback toddler , we could see other people as human caregivers and are not getting their own needs and dreams .

Because this happens , it means that they will not be able to meet some of the needs and dreams of the individual . What individuals can do is meet the specific needs and dreams , but not all of them .


One could ever need in order to merge or enmesh with others as they join with caregivers . And from this area , other individuals will be seen as their side lost and answers in order to become whole again .

When in fact , one was intact . And what is stopping them from understanding this is what needs to be let go , and this creates the illusion of an incomplete one . And if one is to be identified with such an empty feeling , it is a little surprising that they feel there is something missing .


When feelings and emotions were outstanding and led to the end in order to continue a dysfunctional relationship and stop a form able to appreciate their own time , may need to seek some kind of help .

Trapped feelings and emotions can be released with the help of a therapist or healer or that allow individuals to confront them and release them using a phased manner . To engage in some kind of independent study would also be beneficial and assist in developing the latest secrets of looking at relationships and themselves.

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